Are you a fart? Because you blew me away.

Anonymous asked: You're not getting where people are coming from with the heels, and I'm not trying to fight you about it. But every serious action game I play the female is subjected to running around in heels. There are exceptions, like the Smash Bros games that are targeted toward all age groups, but it's the principal of the matter. The designer specifically requested NO heels, and that was not honored. She is also one of the few more realistic game characters, and that is also a factor./leavin you alone now

I personally love women in games can rock heels and kick ass. To me, there’s nothing wrong with some feminine ass kicking. Also saying a video game character is subjected to running around in heels…that. It’s a game. Polygons. They don’t have sentience. It’s not like we’re talking about actual real life women here. If there’s anything every gamer knows(Or SHOULD know), it’s that video games are an escape and do not cross over into reality. No singular instance of a character wearing high heels is an issue, context is important, (i.e. Samus getting rocket boots vs. Ashley getting dolled up for ME3)

Also Nintendo hardly ever follows continuity or else Samus would be in a bikini.

That reminds me to draw Bayonetta more


Edit: Guess who doesn’t care about the Other M problem


I don’t

Never played it, never had to deal with it

Anonymous asked: I guess we have a problem, then.

Someone clearly doesn’t appreciate bad asses in high heels

Anonymous asked: You mean the heels that all video game women are forced to wear? Nobody cares about one set of heels, hell they're pretty neat, but just about every female character, especially mains, being forced by their designers to wear them? That's the problem. Great art, though, can't wait to see more.


But…only Zero suit Samus is the one who changed into heels

(Also thank you)

If you’re hating on her gorgeous rocket heels we’re gonna have a problem
(ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

(ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

I’m opening up commissions now. I’ll pretty much draw anything (Exceptions may apply, depending on if we’re going into hardcore fetish territories.) Just email me at or note me on tumblr. 

The process goes as follows

  1. Confirmation that i’ll draw it
  2. Half the payment upfront
  3. A very rough sketch will be given until satisfied
  4. I’ll complete it and give you a small preview
  5. Rest of the payment needed
  6. Full picture is sent to commissioner

Paypal is

I entered the Taurus goatlings contest, yeh




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Welcome back Kings of the Internet. 

I was so happy that this was happening that I almost didn&#8217;t believe it


Welcome back Kings of the Internet.

I was so happy that this was happening that I almost didn’t believe it